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At Home With Gigi @aboutthedetails

At Home With Gigi @aboutthedetails

Hi! Who is Gigi / Eugenia?
Hello there! My name is Eugenia, but I go by Gigi. I am the creator behind Abouthedetails, which originally started as a fashion blog, then an instagram and eventually turned into my Tiktok platform. I’m obsessed with matcha , I love fashion, I pick up fresh flowers from the market every Saturday, I’m a sagittarius, my favourite colour is pink and I am a morning person. 

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself, like where and how you grew up?
I am from Mexico City, but I grew up in San Diego, California. At 18 I decided to move to Amsterdam to study and have been here since! 

What is your favorite place in your house?
Because I live so far away from home, I have devoted a lot of time into making my home in Amsterdam actually feel like my home. I think my favorite place in my house would probably be my kitchen. I work from home, study, make matcha, listen to music and online shop all from my kitchen table. Sometimes when I get tired of the table I move to the window, which is nice to look out of while I drink my matcha and work. My favorite thing is hosting dinner parties, I love having my friends over, cooking good food and enjoying their company. 

What does interior mean to you? 
To me interior means a space that fully reflects your essence, creativity, heart, and mind. Just like clothes reflect your personality I think that interior reflects such a special part of who you are. To me, interior is more than just how “aesthetic” it can look, but really my sanctuary and safe space.  

Do you have a specific morning routine?
I am a morning person through and through! So I think I definitely have my morning routine nailed down. I’m lucky enough to have Fridays off, so they are usually my self-care days. I usually wake up early, around 7 and do my skincare. I then get dressed and walk to pilates. Once I’m done moving my body I take a shower, choose a cute outfit and make matcha! After living so far away from home, I’ve realized the importance of truly enjoying your own company. On Fridays, I get to be my own best friend and do things that make me happy.

 Who or what inspires you?
My group of girl friends here in Amsterdam are my biggest inspiration. I’m constantly surrounded by so many incredible women that are driven, passionate, adventurous and confident. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such an amazing group of women. They are all people that I admire and strive to be like. 

What is your biggest dream?
I think my biggest dream is to continue building a career that I am proud of and reflects my values. I hope to one day have a business that is a compilation of everything that I like and feel passionate about.  

How do you stir things up?
I like to stir thinks up with Lepel every time I make a matcha! I find joy in making ordinary every day tasks special. Having a cute spoon to stir my matcha is the perfect touch to elevate my little routine. My Lepel pieces are some of my most used and favorite things in my house. 


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