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A coffee with Daisy Reed

A coffee with Daisy Reed

Hi Daisy, welcome to the Lepelclub journal. Thanks for joining us! Can you introduce yourself?
Hi Lepel community! I'm Daisy, and I've been living and working in London in the field of Social Media & Marketing for almost 4 years now. I have a passion for connecting with others, I lead an active and outdoorsy lifestyle and love seeking out new adventures.

You’re the social media manager at SheerLuxe & LuxeGirl. Can you tell us a little more about your role within the business?
As the Social Media Manager, I play a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging and engagement among our SheerLuxe & LuxeGirl social audiences. We achieve this through a comprehensive social media strategy, collaborating with incredible talent and brands across various platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest. I also have the privilege of working with my amazing team to create hilarious and engaging office content.

We'd love to know a little more about your route into social media and LuxeGirl specifically?
I studied Business & Marketing Management at University, freelanced as a copywriter for Harvey Nichols and then through managing small businesses’ social accounts, I found my passion for building and nurturing online communities. Finally, landing a role at SheerLuxe after being in PR.

What are your desk essentials for a positive and productive day?
I have quite a few desk essentials. JSHealth Immunity, Vitamin D, and Apple Cider Vinegar supplements. To create a cosy vibe, I light a Boy Smells candle (my favourite is LES). For my hair, I use a personalised Daisy Lily claw clip, and to keep my fly aways at bay, Larry King, A Social Life For Your Hair paste. Plus, the Grown Alchemist watermelon lip balm. I house all of these on a hot pink Addison Ross scalloped tray.

If you could invite anyone to the LG podcast sofa for an interview, who would it be?
It would have to be Roman Kemp. I love how his charm and wit shines through in his interviews. From hosting radio shows to interviewing A-list celebrities, his ability to make his guests feel at ease, and extract brilliant conversations is so effortless. Plus, I find his commitment to raising awareness of mental health issues so, so important.

When you’re not working, how do you most like to spend your time?
Weekend long runs provide me with an opportunity to explore new places and clear my busy mind. Or, whether we are gathered around a dinner party or catching up after a long day at work, there is nothing I love more than laughing with my closest friends and family.

Luxegirl is the go-to source of style inspiration for so many of us. How do you curate your own personal style, and where do you look to for inspiration?
My biggest inspiration are the Scandi girls. I love their ability to create minimalistic yet chic looks that are so timeless. Key elements like gold jewellery, structured bags, blazers and cool trainers are all style hacks I have adopted.

We can’t let you go without asking one of our favourite questions here at Lepelclub… How do you drink your coffee?
Anyone who knows me will always be aware that my go-to drink in the winter is an extra hot Oat cap, while in the summer, I opt for the iced version. Not forgetting, the LePel pearl teaspoon to stir in some honey.

And finally, how do you hope to stir things up in the future, both personally and professionally?
I firmly believe that embracing change and doing things that scare you are essential for unlocking new possibilities. I have excitement for the future…

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