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A coffee with Vive Cornelissen

A coffee with Vive Cornelissen

Hi Vive! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
Hi Lepelclub! Thank you for having me. Of course, I'd be happy to. I'm from the sunny south of The Netherlands, where I grew up with my wonderful parents and big brother. When I turned 20, I decided to move to the bustling city of Amsterdam to explore new opportunities. In high school, I used to create art for my assignments using whatever tools I had. One day, my teacher suggested I consider a career in "Graphic Design." I had no idea what that was, so I Googled it and instantly thought, "Yes, this is what I love!" I pursued a graphic design program and later earned a diploma in Fashion & Branding from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

 Furthermore I'm a big believer in love and a true romantic at heart. Aside from my deep affection for my loved ones, I'm passionate about design and all things "beautiful," even though I understand that beauty is subjective. Oh and I am very very very into interior ;)

Your home is stunning! Can you describe the color palette or specific design elements that you feel define your interior aesthetic?

Thank you! To me, a home's interior is like your soul dressed in decor, your own slice of paradise that’s reflecting your personality. In my home, I blend old, character-rich elements with modern design, creating a unique harmony. You'll also find touches from our travels, as we often visit small art galleries to bring back pieces that capture the essence of the places we've been. It's a way to remember our adventures and support local artists. I'm a creative soul, so my home isn't a museum; it's a space where creativity thrives, and things don't always need to be perfectly tidy.

It's inspiring to see the creative and artistic aspects of your home. Are there any DIY projects or personal touches you've added that you're particularly proud of?
I'm a handy (wo)man, and I owe that skill to my father - thanks, Dad! One project I'm particularly proud of is restoring the original ensuite doors in my home. The previous owners had removed these beautiful doors with colored glass and lead, so it was quite a task. I had to break open cabinets, trim doors, install rails, cut shelves, seal cabinets, and finally, put the doors back in place. But I did it! It shows that we are capable of much more than we often realize. Just take that first step, and you can achieve amazing things! And every now and then, I love to create some art.

You have shared some interior inspiration… What else are you manifesting for your home?
We've recently sold our home in Amsterdam, and we're planning to move back to the south to be closer to our friends and family. So, an exciting new project awaits us! This time, I'm envisioning a home that's quite different from our Amsterdam place. I want to incorporate more textures, different materials, and a wider range of colors. And, of course, interior wizard Koosje will be there to assist, making sure the furniture I choose is comfortable enough (she's quite the expert!). I will share the process of this and other projects on Instagram, @vivelamour.interior. Feel free to follow along for cozy inspiration!

Here at Lepelclub we love coffee! Could you tell us about your favorite coffee routine or any unique twists you add to your daily brew?
Absolutely! We have a weekly tradition where every Saturday morning, we walk with our forever puppy Koosje to Grammes (the best French Pastry shop in town, if you ask me) to get a coffee, which can vary between black or oat cappuccino and off course a croissant.

Finally… You live with your lovely family and a furry friend too; what’s the most-loved-by-all spot in your home?
Haha, without a doubt, it's the couch. Sometimes, we jokingly think we have a cat because Koosje spends hours each day gazing out the window, keeping watch from the highest spot on the couch. In the evenings, we join her for some quality unwind time. It's the best spot for homebodies like us!

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