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A coffee with Victoria

A coffee with Victoria

For the last few years, I have met so many inspiring people and would love to share a sip of them. Let's have a coffee with Victoria.

Who is Victoria?
I am a 29-year old Aries, based in Amsterdam. Passionate about people and obsessed with pets, especially my little Poodle companion Scotty. I love sports and working on my brand Furmey.

How would you describe a perfect day?
For me a perfect day would start with a good run and afterwards a walk with Scotty. I enjoy starting my mornings with a podcast and some journaling. We mostly start at 9 at the office and to kick-off we often start with an Oaty cappu! 
I enjoy checking the boxes, so I would work on my to do list. My favorite part of the day is to work on products and develop new ideas, but as well to spread around Furmey anywhere possible so we can create more wiggling tails and smiling faces in our community of pets and people. A perfect day would end with a lot of new happy friends in the Furmey family and reaching that day’s goals + a healthy meal and some preparation for the next day are as well appreciated in the evening.

How do you stir things up?
By creating a bigger, better and brighter universe for pets and their people.I believe pets are the greatest gifts of them all and at Furmey we celebrate this unique companionship and the love we feel for them.Creating this vision of a pet brand that connects people allover the globe for the good is magic. Connecting humans, like you do, and to share the super powers they have with others, so we can all become a bit better and connected! 

For me the phrase of Sarah Blakely, who is one of my biggest inspirations,“life is not adress rehearsal” is very true. We only have one shot at life, our time is limited, and I hope that more people start to get aware of this. Run, fly, jump and live your wildest dream. Take advantage of your opportunity to make the most out of life and to create an army for the good.So yeah I guess that’s how I do it and of course by creating durable goods that are loved by pets and trusted by their people!

What’s the best advice you have ever received? 
Dedicate yourself to a purpose. People will come and go, competition will always be there and some might be better, don’t let it take your sparkle awaythere is no one telling you that you are not worthy of what you believe and/or are able to achieve.If you keep on going and growing, one day your will see the sparks you made yourself! It made me see things in better perspectives and allowed me to develop during the process. cliché, but super true: no one started as an expert, but you must start to become one!

What makes you happy during a day?
Working on my goals with great company and a good cup of coffee on the side.

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