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A coffee with Olivia Jenkins

A coffee with Olivia Jenkins

Hi Olivia, welcome to the Lepelclub journal! We are so excited to have you here! Let’s start stirring! Could you tell us a little more about yourself?

Thank you for having me! So I’m Olivia and I am the founder of D. Louise jewellery. I am 27 and currently living in Wimbledon with my boyfriend Jack who founded the business with me. I am obsessed with traveling, reading books, going out for dinner & running(even though I’m not very fast haha)

Can you share the story of the start of your jewelry brand, D. Louise?

Of course! Whilst the brand officially launched in 2021, my journey really began in 2017 when I lost my mum, Deborah Louise, to cancer. With the loss of my mum, I felt life was too short to not be truly passionate about the everyday, and wanted to do something to keep her memory alive. Naming the business after her has given me the opportunity to remember her in a positive way every day and create something special as a tribute to her.

How do you stay inspired and creative when designing new pieces? 

For me authenticity is so core to my character that I had to make it core to my brand. I will never launch a product or design if its not something i'm really confident in. With products I genuinely design pieces that I would wear myself so it kind of makes it easier as I am the customer. I also have friends sending me things they want me to make every single day so i’m never short of inspo haha. 

Can you share any memorable stories or anecdotes from your journey as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur? 

Probably one of the most memorable memories for me was when I was able to quit my full time corporate job. This was the most liberating thing, and it felt like for the first time in my life I was taking control of my destiny. Was fricking epic.

What challenges have you faced as a founder of a jewelry brand, and how have you overcome them?  

I firmly believe that challenges in life are what shape and mold us as individuals. I have had my fair share and from each one I have learnt something different. When I first started D. Louise my greatest challenge was my own lack of self-belief. I honestly felt like I wasn’t qualified to have my own business and pursue my passion. This was an incredibly hard task to overcome and it didn’t happen overnight. Self belief is like a muscle that you constantly have to work on to help it grow and get stronger.

What message or emotion do you hope customers feel when wearing your jewelry? 

I see D. Louise as more than just a jewelry brand, rather, a jewelry brand which represents something more meaningful and purposeful. I want D. Louise to be a brand which shows that when you challenge the norm, beautiful things can happen, and that you always have a choice to push yourself that 1% further. D. Louise was founded upon an idea that light can always be found in the darkest of situations. So, I hope they feel inspired when they wear my jewelry.

Apart from running a successful business, you organize dinner events. Could you tell us more?

When I first started my business, I found it to be a really lonely space. A year ago, I wouldn't have had the confidence to attend an event alone, speak in front of a group, or even think about networking. By hosting these events and pushing myself out of my comfort zone I am not only able to grow personally but also get the opportunity to meet incredible like minded females. The community is growing so fast and it is honestly such a passion project for me. 

And finally, how do you hope to stir things up in the future?

I see the next three years as a period of huge transformation for D. Louise as we continue to expand and innovate. Within the UK we are seeing a shift towards an in-person experience for our customers. We are looking to roll out pop up shops all over the UK and looking to expand into physical retail partners. The D. Louise community is so strong that I want to continue to nurture them and keep bringing such incredible people together.

I am deeply passionate about the brand and our vision, which makes me so excited everyday.

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